11 Wallpaper hacks that are pure genius

Every now and then, we come across inspirational interior design featuring wallpaper that’s so good that it’d be a crime not to share them with you.

Ever since its inception in the 1700s, wallpaper has been used to dress countless walls to attention the need for adornment and to reflect personal style.

Today, with literally thousands of designs to choose from, both professionals and decorating enthusiasts design ‘off the wall’ creations amalgamating wallpaper with décor elements to create bespoke pieces that transform the ordinary into something ingenious.

This is pure design joie de vivre!

1. Bookshelves
Design professionals often use a bookshelf’s aesthetic (form, colour and style) to dictate which wallpaper design to apply to create that ‘off the shelf’ look and finish.


2. Doors
Completely cover or just inset, wallpaper transforms these doors from ordinary to stunning!


3. Drawers
Create these bespoke drawers choosing wallpaper that compliments your interior scheme, or try applying bright wallpaper to the sides of a plain white drawer for an unexpected surprise!


4. Framed wallpaper art
Multiple frames of wallpaper art creates rhythm and visual impact.

Framed art

5. Headboard
Mix patterns and solids with complimentary hues, or go for a wallpaper design that is striking while using neutral tones for your bedding.


6. Lampshade
With three items (wallpaper, self-adhesive spray and scissors) go from dull and bland to wow and grand!


7. Wallpaper hanging scrolls
Too many wallpaper designs to choose from? Never mind! Swapping and changing has never been so easy.

Wallpaper hanging scrolls

8. Screen/room divider
Can you think of a more stylish way to demarcate space?

Screen_room divider

9. Ceiling
Use geometric wallpaper to highlight your homes architectural features, or create an industrial look using faux wood wallpaper (in case you’re worried the weight of real timber will cause the ceiling to cave in!).


10. Fridge
You wallpapered what now? Whiteware? Get outta here!


11. Staircase
Allow your staircase in the entranceway to shine and set the tone of your design-led home.


There you have it, our top picks of wallpaper hacks that are pure interior design gold!

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