7 Amazing wallpaper trends for your powder room

Some research suggests that on average, most of us over the course of our lifetime will spend roughly 13 months and 1 week on the ‘dunny’. I know, probably not the most pleasant point to make at the start of this blog, but there you have it! Generally speaking, these small spaces politely dubbed by Americans as the ‘powder room’, in very non-technical design lingo… are sterile and boring.

Designed mostly for function and usually tucked away towards the back of the house out of sight, the humble powder room is now in the trending spotlight with more and more home-owners and designers using wallpaper to glam-punch the once sterile space in the proverbial (sur)face.

Given the dimensions of most powder rooms, you can afford to be adventurous with bold design without risking the precious flow of your decor in your home’s main open areas. Also, it’ll give guests a surprise and something to certainly talk about making for the overall experience a rather unique one!

Understandably, design authorities will tell you that using dark and large patterned wallpapers in small confined spaces will only make them feel even smaller – this is true. While texture will certainly add warmth and a sense of luxury, we encourage you to use a bold pattern and get a few samples from your local. Then, play with a scale that you are comfortable with. After all, if you’re going to be spending a bit of time in the bog – wouldn’t you want to make it the most comfortable and amazing experience?

Here are 7 of our top trending picks that will turn your throne room from drab to palatial fab!

Into the woods

Birch design – not only for swanky kids rooms as popularised by designers! However, the birch has been redesigned with more depth courtesy of our friends at Mayflower! (Left: Not available / Right top and bottom: Solaris FJ100114 & FJ080114).


Geometric Trellis

Light with a sense of continuity creating some order to any small space. (Left: Not available / Right top and bottom: Ashford Tropics AB1821 & WM2566)


Dark Bloom

While floral blooms should always bask in the light, there is something alluring and mystical with blooms set against a dark background. Timeless blooms inspired by the Dutch Masters! (Left: unavailable / Right: Masterpiece, E358113)


Coastal Cave

Create a comfortable space adding warmth and a sense of luxury. (Right top and bottom: Grasscloth 2015, 21411 & 22134)


Tropic Fever

Not for the faint of heart, but the ‘wow’ factor and energy created is at a 10! On the flip-side, there also seems to be a feeling of ease given the scale of the banana leaves which seem to sway. (Left: unavailable / Right top and bottom:  Ashford Tropics, AT7068 & AT7070)


Deco Glam

A bit of shimmer and shine will bounce light around this space adding a lot of glamour. (Left: unavailable Right top and bottom: Modern Artisan, CN2142 & Dazzling Dimensions, Y6201506)


Quintessential Quirk

Unique and fun feature walls that express bucket-loads of personality are not only on trend, but will definitely get guests’ tongues wagging in the best of ways! Special mention to fellow wallpaper lover Sheradyn Limmer for the fab image on the left! (Left: Conversational, 102561 / Right top and bottom: Conversational, 102563 & Riviera Maison, 30604)

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