The perfect wallpaper for your interior style

Describing and defining your personal interior style can be somewhat daunting to decipher. Wallpaper is no exception.

We flick through interior magazines peering at glossy pages of attractive room sets of varying design styles and at times, we are presented with an aesthetic that appeals to our personal design sensibility. What we see is a manifestation of our aspiring décor desires and we’re momentarily transported into these spaces where furnishing is perfectly articulated, appealing colour palettes soothe or excite and accent styling is ‘on point’.

However, creating ‘the look’ just like in expert magazines can prove a little trying. We’re stumped by not knowing where to start… a design conundrum! What’s the interior style? How do we know which wallpapers to choose that’d perfectly compliment that?

The key to a successful interior begins with a rudimentary understanding of your style – that is, its’ rules, conventions and pairings. It’s like watching a film and understanding the plot, who the main and supporting characters are and their traits.

Of course, we’d be remiss to think that you might possibly like only one particular interior type. You may like to use elements from other styles to create a hybrid that can yield some unexpected inspiration. Choose the perfect wallpaper dependent on the most dominate style in the room.

Wallpaper plays a crucial role in the overarching design scheme of a room – it’s versatile enough to have either the main lead, that being the ‘showstopper’ centrepiece, a supporting role in creating ambience and tone, or both.

Below we’ve compiled some trending and timeless design styles and have paired them with the perfect wallpapers as a guide.

Some examples featured (left) are used to illustrate a design principle and may not be available. Patterns featured (right) as the recommended wallpaper to use, is available from a stockist near you. Click here.


Art Deco

Typifies the height of glamour during the Roaring Twenties. Bold geometric shapes (such as the sunburst pattern), black/white and dark/gold tones, mood lighting by way of sconces and torcherés.


Perfect wallpaper to use: Geometric wallpaper lends itself to this style and adds continuity value (Black & White 30553-1 & 25679).



Reflective of a carefree lifestyle with little rules, except to follow your hearts desire. Organic and fluid shapes. Bright bold hues, vintage furniture and fixtures, globally inspired textiles and rugs, items sourced from second-hand stores and markets.


Perfect wallpaper to use: Tie-died (Modern Artisan CN2124) and Paisley (Paradise 98384 Indira) both have a fluidity that’s not so constrained. Ombre can also be a great choice.



Beachside living that’s relaxed and comfortable. Light, airy colour palettes with cool neutral shades accented with blues and greens. Furnishings white or beige styled with ornamental elements of the sea (wood, rope, nautical instruments).


Perfect wallpaper to use: Faux lime wash wood (Elements 46514) and Grass cloth (21424) due to their textural and natural appeal.


French Country

Taken from French farmhouse inspiration using a palette of warm, earthy colours as well as worn and ornamental wooden furnishing.


Perfect wallpaper to use: Light floral (Un Bisou 365013 and 365054) adds another layer to the French Country timber aesthetic.



Aesthetic draws inspiration from an urban loft or warehouse with a high volume of space. Exposed brick, old timber, ventilation system, pipes and dangling metal light fixtures. Timber tones and black accents. Contemporary art and abstract photography.


Perfect wallpaper to use: Faux brick (Just like it J714-08) and concrete (Textures 35315) due to their lofty mimicking properties.



Clean lines, airy spaces, white or black walls, streamlined, devoid of any decorative architectural features. Quiet reverie. Colour palettes are neutral; furnishings are simple and crisp.


Perfect wallpaper to use: Small patterned texture (Textilis 25801 and 25803) which doesn’t make the space sterile but adds just enough warmth to take the nip out of the air.



All-neutral and natural colour palettes, strong geometric graphic elements, laminated pressed wood furniture drawing mid-century inspiration, functional furniture.


Perfect wallpaper to use: Geometric (Werner Aisslinger 955761 and Esquisse SD402071) wallpapers are best as they are restrained allowing pressed wood objects to shine.


Shabby Chic

Vintage-inspired style that’s delicate and feminine contrasted with French-inspired accessories and pieces with a distressed and weather worn patina.


Perfect wallpaper to use: Light faux wood (Riviera Maison 18292) and dainty floral (Un Bisou 365021) as both have an ethereal and feminine quality.



European-styling with classic conventional details such as scotia, trim and decorative dado. Tufted furnishings, dark finished wood, rich tapestry of pattern and classically painted depictions.


Perfect wallpaper to use: Damask (Carillon Z1805) and Flock (Z1832) due to their ornate style.


Retro/Mid-century mod

The design style of the 1950s and 60s. Pared-down forms and simple fabrications.


Perfect wallpaper to use: Chevron (Urban Style Retro 25910) and abstract patterns (Urban Style Retro 25916) yield black and white graphic properties that allow accent colouring in furnishings to lift a retro space.