Dividing open plan and creating intimate zones with wallpaper

It’s safe to say that open plan living is here to stay and not just another interior design fad. Gone are the days of the Georgian and Victorian home layout with compartmentalised living spaces designated for specific activities. There are of course, exceptions to this generalisation with a few spatial ‘purists’ who honour the historic value and privacy that comes with such interior planning.

With open plan living becoming a mainstay of what most New Zealanders look for in a home, we crave and desire spaces that have great sight lines, are light and exude a feeling of airiness. Open plan also encourages more sociable living and plays with blurring the lines of interior/exterior (increasing indoor/outdoor flow).

Sometimes in the attempt to create this flow in our open interiors, we decorate these spaces with the same overall colour or pattern. Rather than creating a cohesive scheme, our spaces instead become tiresome, monotonous and boring.

Demarcating space with wallpaper creates more intimate zones and provides resting ‘pit stops’ for the eye – allowing for more appreciation and understanding of that given space.

Here are some wallpaper examples of how you can create zones and more intimate spaces in your home.


Entranceway is well defined with wallpaper and sets a homes’ ‘tone’



While connecting to the same wallpaper in the kitchen, the larger scale feature wall defines a more relaxed resting zone that also, separates it from the kitchen



While maintaining open sight lines, darker toned wallpaper creates a moodier living area



Can you imagine how washed up these interiors would appear without wallpaper? Even if it’s a monochromatic scheme, pattern allows for more visual interest and definition



Smaller spaces for a home office can be ‘punched out’ and cosy



In a loft setting with an abundance of spatial volume, these murals (not the bed) create a zone for sleep and rest



Whether your style is industrial or transitional, murals can break up open space with subtlety or drama!


Wallpaper patterns and murals most certainly add a sense of drama and intimacy to any open space. Although some patterns and images shown here are used only to illustrate a design principle, our ‘My Vision’ feature allows for any digital image (mural or pattern alike) to be printed to a scale that fits your wall size! Contact our customer service team to find a stockist near you.