Ashford Tropics

Come away to an imaginary land of exotic greenery where feathery leaves and fantastical flowers bloom always and forever in mesmerizing hues; where ocean breezes rustle the foliage beneath the sun by day, the Southern Cross by night.

Capture both the vibrant and serene allure of the tropics with this collection by York Wallcoverings. Envelop any given space with bold banana leaf and palm prints that seem to sway with the trade winds, chinoiserie-styled depictions of exotic lands beyond the horizon, as well as whimsical watercoloured flora where pigments merge from light tones to dark shades.

Relax. Discover. Enjoy.

Download our recent media release here aw-general-release_ashford-tropics

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2016 Trending wallpaper colours you should know about

It seems that everywhere we look particularly in design and fashion, certain colour palettes prevail and receive more attention than others.

Who determines what the season’s ‘it’ colours are? And more so, why do we end up liking them so much?

We have an answer.

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