Scandinavian Style

The shapes are simple the design is straightforward and clear. Scandinavians like things simple and practical. This is the principle followed in the Scandinavian Style collection which conjures up the spirit of Scandinavia with its graphic style.

Nordic pastel tones are contrasted with bold urban style trends. Discover and recreate a sophisticated Scandi-style at home.

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Spots and Stripes (Focus collection)

The trend of Spots and Stripes has always been a popular option in interior décor schemes. This collection has been compiled in response to current market demand for a range based on this theme.

Aspiring Walls has carefully chosen a selection of the best designs of this style from leading wallcovering manufacturers and placed them in one comprehensive collection to make for easier selection.

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7 Wallpaper trends you’ll see this year

Model/TV personality Heidi Klum said it best (referring to fashion), “one minute you’re in, the next… you’re out!”

In terms of fashion (for your back and walls alike), trends are cyclic – yet, constantly evolving aligning itself to current environmental, artistic and social scapes. Often times throughout this process of rediscovery and discovery, new emerging patterns, colour combinations and hybrid-styles breakthrough becoming the seasons’ ‘it’ trends and ‘must-haves’.

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Paintables (Focus collection)

Paintable wallcoverings have always been a popular choice for interior décor. The high profile of the product is forgiving on uneven wall surfaces, plus it allows for more individual colour statements to complete the desired result.

Aspiring Walls have carefully chosen a selection of the best designs of this style from leading wallpaper manufacturers and placed in one comprehensive collection to make for easier selection.

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11 Wallpaper hacks that are pure genius

Every now and then, we come across inspirational interior design featuring wallpaper that’s so good that it’d be a crime not to share them with you.

Ever since its inception in the 1700s, wallpaper has been used to dress countless walls to attention the need for adornment and to reflect personal style.

Today, with literally thousands of designs to choose from, both professionals and decorating enthusiasts design ‘off the wall’ creations amalgamating wallpaper with décor elements to create bespoke pieces that transform the ordinary into something ingenious.

This is pure design joie de vivre!

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The crisp contrast of black and white with soft additions of grey and taupe, are modern classics.

With unexpected elements of enchantment and novelty alongside contemporary geometrics, posh textures and artistic prints, Eclipse brings balance and sophistication to any décor.

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Deco Style

With elegant designs, three-dimensional patterns and classy lines, Deco Style catches the eye and spreads a wonderfully positive mood with its modern charm. It has never been easier to combine different patterns and colours, setting rooms in the limelight with assured style. The nuances are refined with ever-so delicate glitter particles and fine gold dust making the home shine in no time.

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