Small Talk

Dive into the jungle and go searching for wild animals. Climb trees, count stars, fly into space and dream. Make friends with dogs and rabbits. Whatever story you want, you’ll find it with #Smalltalk. #Smalltalk nurtures creativity and turns every nursery into a room full of discovery. Cute and contemporary? Or rough and tumble? With #Smalltalk it’s easy to combine pictures, patterns and matching plains, and children will have the space they dream of.

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Vivid is a cosmopolitan collection of inspiring trends. Fashionable, captivating and playful. With a rebel touch, and totally now. Palm fronds stirring in the breeze, bold banana leaves and dreamy splashes. A simple cut-out of a flower-scattered meadow, the perfect pairing with an abstract motif infused with florals. Soft, matte hues and unusual colour combinations – go Vivid.

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Factory III

Ready for steel, wood concrete and brick? Factory III has rolled up its sleeves and now brings Industrial Chic home for us with aplomb. We have the antique planks and the raw concrete, the rusty metal and brittle brickwork.

This collection combines natural structures with rustic charm and rough edges – So walls become living stories, which conjure small or large-scale workshop flair as desired. Factory III also has matching plain and motif wallpapers available. This way, one can match the walls to each other playfully or simply. Within every square metre, you live, cook, work, play or just simply relax in a trendy loft atmosphere.

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French Impressionist

An expertly crafted collection of wallpapers and murals inspired by the brush strokes of French Impressionism.

This collection creates a relaxed feeling and highlights the natural beauty of the French countryside creating timeless elegance.

Bring art into the home.

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Ornaté – the art of decoration

Ornaté – to decorate – to adorn

Begin with your walls, decorate with textures inspired from the classical age. Echo the look of marble and patinated stone to complement your furnishings with a palette of colour that will flow throughout the home.

Trends will come and go, but good classical design will stand the test of time. Reinterpreted for today’s interior, dress up your walls in no time at all.

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Chic Structures

Nature remains a rich source of inspiration for interior design. This collection preserves the natural structures combining them with playful geometric motifs. By using shiny effects the play of light is key. The designs appear to be constantly in motion as in nature. Chic Structures represents a passionate quest for energy expressed through textures and patterns wherever they reside.

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Botanicals (Focus collection)

The growing popularity of Botanical designs covers a wide variety of design styles.

Stunning floral designs combine with the tropical jungle palms and woodland forest to create this beautiful collection.

Aspiring Walls has carefully chosen a selection of the best designs of this style from leading wallcovering manufacturers and placed them in one comprehensive collection to make for easier selection.

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