Is this faux real? Wallpapers that’ll trick your mind

Faux – an adjective meaning to imitate.

Faux wallpaper has come a long way since its inception and production back in the late 1960s. Back then, wallpaper was the standard interior staple and floral power was in (both in movement and wallpaper!). Although the introduction of timber lacked realistic quality, and wood imagery was illustrative, punters loved the innovation and bought rolls by the bucket load.

The faux wood craze of that era into the 1970s provided a whole generation with a replicable interior scheme that at the time was revelatory and consisted of a brown wood/formica base, accented with orange, yellow and green accessories as well as, differing textured layers of polyester, tassel, corduroy and shag.

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The perfect wallpaper for your interior style

Describing and defining your personal interior style can be somewhat daunting to decipher. Wallpaper is no exception.

We flick through interior magazines peering at glossy pages of attractive room sets of varying design styles and at times, we are presented with an aesthetic that appeals to our personal design sensibility. What we see is a manifestation of our aspiring décor desires and we’re momentarily transported into these spaces where furnishing is perfectly articulated, appealing colour palettes soothe or excite and accent styling is ‘on point’.

However, creating ‘the look’ just like in expert magazines can prove a little trying. We’re stumped by not knowing where to start… a design conundrum! What’s the interior style? How do we know which wallpapers to choose that’d perfectly compliment that?

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Dividing open plan and creating intimate zones with wallpaper

It’s safe to say that open plan living is here to stay and not just another interior design fad. Gone are the days of the Georgian and Victorian home layout with compartmentalised living spaces designated for specific activities. There are of course, exceptions to this generalisation with a few spatial ‘purists’ who honour the historic value and privacy that comes with such interior planning.

With open plan living becoming a mainstay of what most New Zealanders look for in a home, we crave and desire spaces that have great sight lines, are light and exude a feeling of airiness. Open plan also encourages more sociable living and plays with blurring the lines of interior/exterior (increasing indoor/outdoor flow).

Sometimes in the attempt to create this flow in our open interiors, we decorate these spaces with the same overall colour or pattern. Rather than creating a cohesive scheme, our spaces instead become tiresome, monotonous and boring.

Demarcating space with wallpaper creates more intimate zones and provides resting ‘pit stops’ for the eye – allowing for more appreciation and understanding of that given space.

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Black & White 2016 (Focus Collection)

Black & White remains a strong colour trend in wallcoverings to create bold statements for interior décor.

Aspiring Walls has carefully chosen a selection of the best designs of this style from leading wallpaper manufacturers and placed them in one comprehensive ‘focus’ collection to make for easier selection.

The design range covers most of the present leading trends from quirky conversational through to classic traditional. Enjoy the journey.

Download our recent media release here aw-general-release_black-white

Available at all good wallpaper stockists. Find one near you: click here.


Holden presents Kyoto, a new collection offering a fresh modern day Oriental perspective.

Beautiful pastel tones romanticises eastern cultures that we’ve all come to love with timeless chinoirserie depictions, swaying lanterns, water flora, cranes and flying fish.

By way of reintroduction, Asian latticework is paired with metallics to bring a modern contemporary aesthetic.

Fall in love all over again with the timeless East reinterpreted for today’s interior.

Download our recent media release here aw-general-release_kyoto

Available at all good wallpaper stockists. Find one near you: click here.

See the Kyoto range

Crispy Paper

Medicine cabinets, metal lockers, pallets and tiles – the latest trend in wallpaper art is wholly dedicated to photorealism.

Create unique and composed illusions with this special collection by Rasch and as the name suggests, these non-woven wallpapers impressively and realistically showcase a variety of life-sized motifs, making you look twice before you realise your wall has just had fresh life breathed into it.

Download our recent media release here aw-general-release_crispy-paper

Available at all good wallpaper stockists. Find one near you: click here.

Riviera Maison

Living the life you want, is sure to be built on solid basics. At home you can create your own powerful statements with this special textured wallpaper collection.

Experience the look and touch of real life materials, such as driftwood and rattan which will add a rough but warm feeling to your walls.

Be bold and daring with the canvas prints, adventurous globe maps or nostalgic photograph collage designed to bring charm with an old-world feel.

Download our recent media release here aw-general-release_riviera-maison

Available at all good wallpaper stockists. Find one near you: click here.

See the Riviera Maison range


Masterpiece takes you into the intriguing world of old masters and exquisite details. So far away and yet so close.

The timeless play of light and shadow, once so skillfully immortalized on canvas, translated with verve into contemporary wallpaper in this collection.

Lush flowers contrast beautifully with deep, dark backgrounds or classic cream. Deeply coloured plains accented with a touch of weathered gold or with the feel of chenille.

With the great classics in a new context, Masterpiece makes art accessible to this day and age.

Download our recent media release here aw-general-release_masterpiece

Available at all good wallpaper stockists. Find one near you: click here.

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Ashford Tropics

Come away to an imaginary land of exotic greenery where feathery leaves and fantastical flowers bloom always and forever in mesmerizing hues; where ocean breezes rustle the foliage beneath the sun by day, the Southern Cross by night.

Capture both the vibrant and serene allure of the tropics with this collection by York Wallcoverings. Envelop any given space with bold banana leaf and palm prints that seem to sway with the trade winds, chinoiserie-styled depictions of exotic lands beyond the horizon, as well as whimsical watercoloured flora where pigments merge from light tones to dark shades.

Relax. Discover. Enjoy.

Download our recent media release here aw-general-release_ashford-tropics

Available at all good wallpaper stockists. Find one near you: click here.

See the Ashford Tropics range