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Restraint is a thing of the past: after years of simplicity, a little more extravagance is the order of the day once more. Glittering glass beads and genuine granite stones, shiny special effects and a combination of different surfaces and levels create extraordinary patterns on the wall. A touch more ornamentation and decoration. Not overly pompous yet still atmospheric. Universe exudes a new kind of ambiance.

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Merging natural and digital features, recasting timeless elements in a modern way to form unique fusions. Graphical depictions of nature in striking colours with strong shapes and bold etching. Kosmos will make us wonder, see new silhouettes and look beyond what we know to be real.

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2019 Black and White

Black & White remains a strong colour trend in wallcoverings to create bold statements for interior décor.

Aspiring Walls has carefully chosen a selection of the best designs of this style from leading wallpaper manufacturers and placed them in one comprehensive ‘focus’ collection to make for easier selection.

The design range covers most of the present leading trends from quirky conversational through to classic traditional.

Enjoy the journey.

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