Golden Age

A decorative journey into the 1920’s where Art Deco styles dominated. Discover the elegance and sophistication of this Golden Age of design.

Thoughtfully designed shapes speak to the majestic architectural design of the time. Like refined jewels, the vegetal and animal inspired designs are carefully placed throughout the collection bringing a modern twist to this 1920’s style.

Fall under the spell of this collection, embracing the luminous air of Gatsby the Magnificent.

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Whatever the time of the year, our new collection brings you the warmth of everyone’s favourite season: Summer.

Nature in full flower; long, warm days; cocktails and barbecues – total freedom from obligations and a sense that everything is possible… It was only right to evoke the warm, peaceful feeling of a summer day to turn to Indian Culture for inspiration.

From flower and nature designs to geometric patterns, the art of India has enchanted the world.

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Be transported to a dreamlike world, where fireflies illuminate the night, plants burst into life and photographic prints are more realistic than ever.

The Asperia Collection is the embodiment of understated beauty.

Powerful plain wallpapers complete the collection and can be endlessly combined with the extensive stylish geometric, tropical or industrial prints.

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Innovative designs set to Inspire. This range deserves to be in the spotlight as it features the best of BN with a multitude of design-led patterns, tactile textures and unique colour combinations that seamlessly fit into today’s interior.

Featured also, is a variation on our top selling bird design from the Tropic Exotic range that is sleek and modern.

Whatever your preference, prepare to be inspired…

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Little Love

The latest kids’ collection, Little Love wins over with colourful and interestingly designed patterns that offer you the desired added value for loving children’s room furnishings.

A range that is filled with cute inspiration for your little one’s bedroom.

Discover the different motifs and let yourself be carried away into the world of Little Love.

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Pint Walls

The Pint Walls range seamlessly blends organic and structural elements, bridging the gap between natural and man-made aesthetics through the form of unique 3D flowers.

Featuring a range of patterns and textures (with a side of vintage tea), these designs evoke a sense of harmony between the two worlds, creating a unique and captivating visual experience for any interior space.

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The Battle Of Style

Trench coats in summer or swimwear in winter? We think both are great, because people can wear what they like. What counts is their personal style and the particular individual tone they set.

In our big design contest, the Battle of Style we want to take things further. What style do you find to be the best of the best to win the design contest?

Botanic, Stone, Concrete, Leaves, Arts, Blossom, Romance, Textile, Stars, or Stripe? There is a style of wallpaper for everyone in this collection.

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Museum, a place where art and fashion meet in lush designs and stunning creations. Transform your interior into a contemporary masterpiece with this collection.

Museum is a journey through time and space, where classical elegance meets contemporary maximalism.

With this collection you can be your own curator. Combine and create, display your treasures and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

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Mata Hari

Introducing the captivating wallpaper range, Mata Hari, that boasts a wide array of patterns that embody both glamour and subtle sophistication. Whether you’re looking to create a bold statement or a soothing oasis, this range offers versatile options that can be customised to fit your personal style and the ambience you want to create.

From glimmering damasks to opulent metallic prints (and everything in between), injecting your personal mark into an interior space has never been easier to achieve. So, go ahead and explore this thrilling range to discover something different after each page.

Say hello to your new wallpaper ‘go to’, Mata Hari.

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Trianon XIII

A little luxury here, a little Parisian chic there. The French style of living can move in with us.

It’s good that this collection is so glossy and has that stylish twist with its shimmering and velvety looks.

Sometimes with baroque ornamentation, sometimes with embroidered patterns, the wallcovering designs charmingly set the scene for the walls of living rooms and bedrooms.

France is known for its royal treasures, the nostalgic lustre of which beautifully blends into modern and traditional homes.

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Only Blue

The Only Blue collection is a collection where blue is the king, an inspiring ode to this timeless colour. Blue has the power to make a chic interior, soothe one atmosphere, illuminate another and blend with all styles.

Complementary patterns surf on vegetal, tropical, animal, floral and geometric designs.

This collection demonstrates the depth to the colour blue, featuring midnight, teal and smoke blue.

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