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Club Botanique

A relaxed interior style featuring elegant natural patterns that offer a luxe take on hygge. Geometric retro designs, delicate peacock feathers and gleaming golden stripes are harmoniously combined here. The eye might be drawn by a minimalistic black-and-white contrast or surprised by a brilliant green or fresh powder pink. Tropical palms and flowers provide a burst of botanical flair, so you can enjoy your own urban jungle every day.

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Kent by Masureel

Kent collection features picturesque wallpapers that evoke the English gardens once designed by British artist William Kent. It highlights country panoramas, flowery landscapes and a series of vegetation that come in a palette of soft, vivid and pastel colors. Like a carefully crafted painting canvas, each design features elegant lines with fine detail. All of these add a romantic yet refreshing style to any living space.

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Heritage by Komar

The Heritage Collection focuses on the time between the mid-19th and the mid-20th century where bold and lush botanical illustrations reign, graphic patterns are influenced by Art Deco and fluid forms of Art Nouveau echo the social sentiment of the time. All depictions wonderfully captured in this beautiful nod to yesteryear but reinterpreted for today’s modern interior.

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Merging natural and digital features, recasting timeless elements in a modern way to form unique fusions. Graphical depictions of nature in striking colours with strong shapes and bold etching. Kosmos will make us wonder, see new silhouettes and look beyond what we know to be real.

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2019 Black and White

Black & White remains a strong colour trend in wallcoverings to create bold statements for interior décor.

Aspiring Walls has carefully chosen a selection of the best designs of this style from leading wallpaper manufacturers and placed them in one comprehensive ‘focus’ collection to make for easier selection.

The design range covers most of the present leading trends from quirky conversational through to classic traditional.

Enjoy the journey.

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The Adelaide collection offers a diverse choice of wallpapers – no matter what your preference, romantic or urban, this collection allows a creative use of contrasts to turn any interior into a powerful statement.

Be prepared to impress!

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This collection evokes wandering in the garden – a natural biotope thriving in serenity and life. A gentle breeze moves the reeds and awakens the quiet scenery. Koi fish swim in the pond and disappear into the depths, the scales catching the light. While a calmness washes over this peaceful sight.

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