Variety, zest for life, inventiveness and lots of colors – all of this can be found in the Salsa collection. A collection that draws from the full and brings the entire color palette into play. 

Numerous pattern wallpapers show their skills and inspire with motifs from nature such as flowers, leaves and trees – whether drawn with a pencil, abstract, sketched, imaginative or as a detailed drawing. 

Processed wood is presented in an artistic way and with three-dimensional effects. Geometric shapes bring unique excitement and the occasional retro feel to any room.

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Tropical House

Summer vibes and good vibes – that’s what the new ‘Tropical House’ collection promises.

Exotic plants, sophisticated graphics and Southern architecture are perfectly showcased with a successful combination of impressive and soft colours.

The tropical patio with numerous exotic plants, the masterful mix of extraordinary shapes, the artful tangled leaves or the clear lines with clever interplay of colours and gloss effects – colourful and carefree, each individual pattern wallpaper effortlessly draws attention to itself.

With colourful banana leaves, imaginative art prints, dreamy oases and inviting primeval forest towns, digital prints also bring life to the wall.

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Change Is Good

The new Change Is Good collection by Michael Michalsky, which the fashion designer created in collaboration with AS Creation, is fresh, lively, and cheerful.

The diverse designs offer innumerable possibilities to improve the home. Eyecatcher guarantee included.

Michalsky believes wallpapers are what makes your home different and creates a sense of wellbeing.

Now let’s change up your walls…

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Factory IV

It’s high time we got down to the brass tacks at home: this collection has just arrived with lots of warehouse and factory charm.

Factory IV has everything you need to create the trendy industrial style, such as rustic materials, exposed concrete looks, plaster structures, and rough masonry with authentic traces of wear and tear. Iron, marble, and geometric patterns made of wire are also essential here.

Anyone who wants to add architectural touch can also create an impressive backdrop in the living room with large-format factory motif. Industrial chic never looked so good!

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A very colorful collection that will brighten up your days. Pop offers many eccentric and multicolored models.

Quirky and unapologetically bold, these retro graphic designs are conversational. This range brings a ‘Pop’ of uniqueness and flair with graffiti inspired brick, skateboards, metallic finishes, stripes, geometric and newspaper designs.

Pop will add that wow factor to the wall with its big personality.

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The designs in the Fiore wallpaper range are like the garden of your dreams, where the plants never stop flowering. Enjoy rich, varied colours; with this range’s extensive colour palette, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

From ochre yellow to deep black, and from beige to pale rose, from brightly colourful to tastefully muted, Fiore offers a solution to suit every taste and wish.

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With “Onyx” Ugépa launches wallpapers with a futuristic look that become an eye-catcher on every wall. Geometric patterns with a three-dimensional appearance, shiny effects, subtle or strong color contrasts and striking textures add a completely new look any room.

3D motifs have a lively effect and harmonize perfectly with the calm plain wallpapers of the collection. Their interaction creates a unique spatial effect and modern feel-good atmosphere.

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With wallpaper “Eden” brings paradise to your home. This collection is inspired by the flora of the Garden of Eden and shows lush motifs with flowers, plants and trees.

Some shine or glitter gracefully. Matching single-color wallpaper and a pattern in wood look can be perfectly combined with exotic designs that create a modern and cosy living atmosphere.

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