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Dress up your walls!

Let Aspiring Walls bring your homes’ walls to life!

As well as a choice of colours across the spectrum, there are patterns that make a statement – close to being works of art – or subtle, in vogue tone-on-tone patterns and textured wallpapers for a warm background to enhance a space rather than take it over.

New technology has also made wallpaper easier and quicker to install, and much simpler to remove when it’s time to re-decorate. Experience endless possibilities. Be bold. Be inspired!

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This feeling of freedom and wanderlust has now been brought together in uniquely beautiful wallpaper designs.

The Sparkling collection plays with the fragility of the memories we acquire whilst encapsulating them in a realistic patina and natural, muted colours. An antique finish gives the collection a truly special charm.

Download our media release here: 00_AW Media Release_Sparkling

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7 Wallpaper trends you’ll see this year

Model/TV personality Heidi Klum said it best (referring to fashion), “one minute you’re in, the next… you’re out!”

In terms of fashion (for your back and walls alike), trends are cyclic – yet, constantly evolving aligning itself to current environmental, artistic and social scapes. Often times throughout this process of rediscovery and discovery, new emerging patterns, colour combinations and hybrid-styles breakthrough becoming the seasons’ ‘it’ trends and ‘must-haves’.

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11 Wallpaper hacks that are pure genius

Every now and then, we come across inspirational interior design featuring wallpaper that’s so good that it’d be a crime not to share them with you.

Ever since its inception in the 1700s, wallpaper has been used to dress countless walls to attention the need for adornment and to reflect personal style.

Today, with literally thousands of designs to choose from, both professionals and decorating enthusiasts design ‘off the wall’ creations amalgamating wallpaper with décor elements to create bespoke pieces that transform the ordinary into something ingenious.

This is pure design joie de vivre!

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7 Amazing wallpaper trends for your powder room

Some research suggests that on average, most of us over the course of our lifetime will spend roughly 13 months and 1 week on the ‘dunny’. I know, probably not the most pleasant point to make at the start of this blog, but there you have it! Generally speaking, these small spaces politely dubbed by Americans as the ‘powder room’, in very non-technical design lingo… are sterile and boring.

Designed mostly for function and usually tucked away towards the back of the house out of sight, the humble powder room is now in the trending spotlight with more and more home-owners and designers using wallpaper to glam-punch the once sterile space in the proverbial (sur)face.

Given the dimensions of most powder rooms, you can afford to be adventurous with bold design without risking the precious flow of your decor in your home’s main open areas. Also, it’ll give guests a surprise and something to certainly talk about making for the overall experience a rather unique one!

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Confessions of a novice wallpaper hanger

I’m just going to put it out there. I am no expert at hanging wallpaper nor do I profess to be one (my family and friends can attest to this). Have you seen that advert where there are two neighbours, one being the DIY legend and the other well, would just rather pay to have things done around the house?… [**loud cough] I’m the latter.

Recently, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to fill a certain information gap in terms of DIY… wallpapering! Have I gone from being a novice to expert as a result? No way! Am I more confident in using wallpaper moving forward? I believe I am.

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Is this faux real? Wallpapers that’ll trick your mind

Faux – an adjective meaning to imitate.

Faux wallpaper has come a long way since its inception and production back in the late 1960s. Back then, wallpaper was the standard interior staple and floral power was in (both in movement and wallpaper!). Although the introduction of timber lacked realistic quality, and wood imagery was illustrative, punters loved the innovation and bought rolls by the bucket load.

The faux wood craze of that era into the 1970s provided a whole generation with a replicable interior scheme that at the time was revelatory and consisted of a brown wood/formica base, accented with orange, yellow and green accessories as well as, differing textured layers of polyester, tassel, corduroy and shag.

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