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Dress up your walls!

Let Aspiring Walls bring your homes’ walls to life!

As well as a choice of colours across the spectrum, there are patterns that make a statement – close to being works of art – or subtle, in vogue tone-on-tone patterns and textured wallpapers for a warm background to enhance a space rather than take it over.

New technology has also made wallpaper easier and quicker to install, and much simpler to remove when it’s time to re-decorate. Experience endless possibilities. Be bold. Be inspired!

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7 Wallpaper trends you’ll see this year

Model/TV personality Heidi Klum said it best (referring to fashion), “one minute you’re in, the next… you’re out!”

In terms of fashion (for your back and walls alike), trends are cyclic – yet, constantly evolving aligning itself to current environmental, artistic and social scapes. Often times throughout this process of rediscovery and discovery, new emerging patterns, colour combinations and hybrid-styles breakthrough becoming the seasons’ ‘it’ trends and ‘must-haves’.

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