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As well as a choice of colours across the spectrum, there are patterns that make a statement – close to being works of art – or subtle, in vogue tone-on-tone patterns and textured wallpapers for a warm background to enhance a space rather than take it over.

New technology has also made wallpaper easier and quicker to install, and much simpler to remove when it’s time to re-decorate. Experience endless possibilities. Be bold. Be inspired!

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To make selection easier, samples can be ordered from your local wallpaper shop. This way, you can ‘try before you buy’ working out whether your selection of wallpaper works well with your décor and furniture.

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Working out how much wallpaper you need

Once you’ve found the perfect wallpaper for you, finding out how much wallpaper you’ll need is as simple as pie with our handy ‘roll calculator’.

Current trends

As with fashion, trends in the wallpaper market come and go. Here are some of the trending wallpaper styles that you’ll see heading into 2020.

Tropic Exotic – The new classic

With ‘staycations’ (stay-at-home vacation) becoming more of a mainstay in today’s world, transform your place into a relaxing sanctuary capturing that easy, breezy vibe of island life! The ever trending ‘Tropic Exotic’ adds warmth with its trademark oversized foliage that makes for dramatic accents to any room.

Industrial chic

Celebrating the exposed, raw and unfinished beauty of building materials such as steel, timber, brick and concrete is what the industrial aesthetic is all about. Rather than a hefty demo job to your interior to get the look, save time and money with the best industrial wallpapers on the market.

Art History

Art embodies a diverse range of human expression. With advancement in printing technology, many wallpaper designs have become works of art in their own right, capturing the essence of classical art styles through to more contemporary art forms – but without a hefty price tag attached!

With you as the artist and walls as your canvas, choose from our range of ART inspired wallpapers.


Geometric design

Take your interior design to the “next level” with geometric designs featuring striking shapes, intricate patterns and bold colours!