5 Wallpapers that kick minimalism butt

Forget the clichéd interior dribble using terms such as “clean lines” to describe a trending minimalistic-modern space, because what’s hot in 2018? The disruptive interior style that is MAXIMALISM.

The tight minimalism grip that has dominated our interior lives for the past decade could very well be loosening.

Embracing the embellished and bold patterns in both bright and subdued, moody hues sees the rise of maximalism gaining steam.

With a ‘more is more’ mindset, a growing number of homeowners are looking to inject big personality, interest and variety into their currently ‘quiet-toned’ homes using an array of interior hacks such as wallpaper, bold art, unique furniture and knick-knack accents to achieve this.

However, you can’t just go filling a room full of mismatched stuff and then call it “maximalism”. The secret sauce is getting the creative mix right. Getting that mix would involve using a thematic style such as the industrial, tropical aesthetics etc., a bold colour palette and/or the use of varying materials like metal, timber and glass in a space.

Starting with the walls, wallpaper instantly brings maximum impact through colour, texture and pattern. Using bold and pattern-heavy wallpaper is the perfect foundation to a maximalist interior. By using wallpaper, you’re basically half way to creating a space brimming with life and diversity.

Check out the following thematic wallpapers that completely obliterate any notion that you are a minimalist at heart!

1. Tropic Exotic (Vivid, E384503)

2. Into the Woods (Pohjola, 5219-3)

3. Garden Trellis (Glass House, 90331)

4. Looking East (Kyoto, 98570)

5. Floral explosion (Komar vol. 15, 8-965)