Essentials is the perfect combination between culture and handcrafted materials. Mediterranean tiles, bamboo and woven kilim rugs that give your space a boho chic feeling.

Soft cork wallpaper with metallic details and bursted back- grounds create an original industrial look. Warm red, brown, orange and pink shades are mixed with green, grey, blue and white tones.

Essentials is timeless and designed to look weathered by age. Rough concrete and rusty surfaces with a smooth touch are a perfect combination with the matt, raw plains of this collection.

Be carried away by the hand-painted water colours and vibrant patterns. Fanning leaves, fine tendrils, intriguing geometric patterns and flamboyant flowers are delicately caught in an enchanting watercolour technique.

Download our recent media release here: 00_AW General Release_Essentials.

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